Low T Therapy

An optimal balance of testosterone is essential for achieving your peak physical and mental health.

Low testosterone is a common condition among millions of aging men. Testosterone levels gradually decrease with age because the body is no longer producing the hormone at the same levels which are seen in younger men. Over time, hormone production slows down.

An optimal balance of testosterone is essential for achieving your peak physical and mental health. Starting in 1999, TOTAL T has been the leading low t clinic, focusing on medically managed testosterone replacement treatments, giving you the ability to feel more energized and alive.

Why is Testosterone Important?

Testosterone has several important functions in the male body:

- Regulates sexual function

- Stimulates sperm production

- Contributes to healthy reproductive tissues

- Increases muscle mass

- Maintains bone strength and density

Testosterone levels are measured within a certain number range. Results above or below the “normal” range can cause many different symptoms, both physical and emotional. 

Testosterone Treatment Results

Generally, our patients have the following results on our program:

Week 1 to 2

Lifting of a depression they didn’t realize they had – a general increase in enthusiasm and zest for life. Plus, increased mental sharpness.

Week 2 to 3

Increase in energy and metabolism levels, as well as dreams and morning erections.

Week 3 to 4

Noticeable increase in muscle mass and loss of fat – particularly if you are active and watch your diet.

Week 4 to 5

Increase in male sex drive – increased interest, performance, and satisfaction.

TRT Safety and Estrogen

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is completely safe when performed conservatively by a licensed medical practitioner. The patient should experience a significant improvement in their health and well-being and have no negative side effects.

One concern some patients have is the association of testosterone with prostate cancer. In reality, TRT reduces a man’s chances of developing the disease. This is because one of the primary causes of prostate cancer is excess estrogen, which can occur as testosterone levels decrease and the male body accumulates belly fat. Fat contains an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone to estrogen. Fortunately, estrogen control is a key part of our treatment process.

High estrogen levels can amplify Low T symptoms and are unhealthy for the prostate and heart. We use medication to suppress estrogen as we slowly raise testosterone. If good lifestyle habits are practiced, fat will disappear over a period of 3 to 6 months and the conversion of testosterone to estrogen can be abated.

Low Testosterone Options:

- Testosterone injections are administered weekly by self-administration. 

- Topical testosterone cream that is applied to the skin once or twice per day.

Injections are done with a small 23 gauge needle. While some choose this method because no additional treatment is required throughout the week, others prefer the topical cream. Both methods are equally effective and will give you the results you are seeking.

As part of the program, we also administer HCG or Gonadorelin to keep your own testosterone viable. In addition, we test for and control estrogen in all of our treatment programs.

We will give you specific instructions on how to properly administer your medications and our specialists will be available to guide you every step of the way.

Total T Program

With our program, you can expect to receive excellent care, including:

- Medically supervised and personalized Testosterone Replacement Therapy

- Regular monitoring for appropriate adjustments of your treatment dosages in order to optimize results.

- Hands-on guidance and consistent monitoring that’s absolutely essential for a successful hormone replacement therapy outcome.